まず、ESLintをインストールします。 ESLintは、コードを小さくクリーンに保つのに役立つすばらしいツールです。

インストールESLintを使用してESLint拡張機能VS Code ExtensionsStoreで入手できます。


yarn add babel-eslint
yarn add eslint-config-airbnb
yarn add eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y
yarn add eslint-plugin-react

Now, create a .eslintrc.json file in the root of your project, and add the following lines to have a basis ESLint configuration that works for React development, with JSX support:

  "parser": "babel-eslint",
  "extends": "airbnb",
  "plugins": ["react", "jsx-a11y", "import"]


The next step I suggest is to install Prettier. Prettier is a JavaScript opinionated formatter. It’s a great tool because it helps you standardize your codebase, and it’s useful even if you code alone. In a team, it’s super useful as it avoids differences in code styling. Use what Prettier suggests.

You can install the Prettier VS Code extension with npm:

npm install -g prettier-eslint --save-dev

Next we’re going to add a few rules to the VS Code configuration, to apply Prettier on every save, and integrate it with ESLint. Press cmd+, (on Mac) and the VS Code configuration should show up. Enter this at the end:

"editor.formatOnSave": true,
"javascript.format.enable": false,
"prettier.eslintIntegration": true

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