Comment réparer l'erreur: "EMFILE: Trop de fichiers ouverts, regardez" dans macOS

Un guide rapide sur la façon dont j'ai résolu une erreur React Native déroutante

Je démarrais un projet React Native sur mon MacBook Air mais lors de l'exécution de la commande:

npx react-native start

J'ai eu une erreur qui contenait cette ligne:

Error: EMFILE: too many open files, watch

I tried various ways to solve, until I found the suggestion to install the watchman utility using Homebrew.

I ran

brew install watchman

and that fixed the problem, because React Native internally was able to use watchman to watch files changes (used to provide hot reloading in the app to refresh it when a file is changed).

watchman looks like it’s more efficient than the built-in files watch system, since I got rid of that error.

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