Write things you don't know

Thoughts on writing something you don’t know (yet)

I'm going to finish my work today. I just opened the "Tools of Titans" book written by Tim Ferris.

This book is very cool-a collection of insights, quotes and valuable advice from many successful people.

Sometimes the suggestion is feasible, sometimes it is a good suggestion, and sometimes it is inspiring.

I read through some pages full of highlights to gain daily wisdom. Then I opened a random page that I hadn't read, and I found it.

What is the worst advice you often hear? "Write what you know". Why should I write something that I don't know? Do I not want to use writing to learn more?

This is really amazing.

I think I should come up with this sentence. It's like a long time ago, but somehow we don't often think deeply about what we do every day, right?

So let me tell you. In the context of this little blog, in this little technology/programming field I am talking about, all my blogs have always been about learning, not about things I already know.

Since the early days: the whole reason this blog exists in its current form is that I started documenting my steps into learning Go, back in 2017.

Sometimes, I find something, write it right away, and then forget it. I leave traces. Maybe a month from now, I need to do the same thing, and then I will find my own post. If I remember that I wrote a book about that, it is.

Sometimes, I just browse one of a huge topic in my notes and write about it. I have read all the articles on this topic and expressed my opinion on this topic.

My favorite thing to write is something that interests me personally. I think I have never written about a topic that I find boring. When I can choose a cool topic, I have no obligation to choose a boring topic.

Your own writing may help those who work hard to learn knowledge.

Now, I also often write to other people to appreciate the content, because I am lucky to be read by some people, so I try to create something useful.

Sometimes, when I write on a topic, I will become a temporary expert on that topic, because I read a lot in order to write something.

I think my memory is LIFO memory. I may forget what I am learning today or next month. Who knows?

But I don’t care, because I write it down for future use.

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