How to work from home without going crazy

Some suggestions from more than 10 years of remote work experience

I have been working from home for the past 11 years.

Before that, I had also been working from home-but not working for an employer-and working at school.

When I became a freelancer in 2008, it was not a difficult transition. I am used to studying alone.

Before proceeding, I suggest to do one thing. Hold thisPersonality type testAnd check what the website tells you.

I am introverted, independent, and like to do things.

This article is greatly influenced by this fact. If you are an outgoing person and need people around you to increase productivity, you may find what I am talking about is crazy.

My first suggestion to you isDedicated office space. It does not need to be in another building, but it may be necessary if you have a lot of people in your house. I have a special room with a door that can be closed. This is very helpful because it avoids interruptions.

There is something that cannot be stopped in the world, this isinterrupt. However, as creative workers or developers, we need to enter the development zone and do our best.

Minimize interference. There is a fixed time in the "working" time. When you close the office door, remind everyone that you are working. It's like when the door is closed, you are 50 miles away. At the same time, it minimizes the interference of colleagues.

But when your heart disturbs you, they are calledDistracted. Use similar appsself controlStop all possible interference. Turn off your cell phone.

Some people are better at scheduling. Some people like to use Pomodoro technology to set timers. I can't do this, for some reason, after using 2-3 pomodori for the first time, the method doesn't work.

I am very fortunate to work alone, without a team to report to. However, I have worked with teams in the past. My general recommendation is to find (if possible) oneAll remote. Avoid working environments where you are the only remote worker (unless you are a freelancer). In the long run, this is full of pressure and motivation.

For remote teams, having ato chat withIt's open all day, but I never like small chats, and people don't want to mention you when you are off work.

Delete all notificationsTo close chat while doing important work. Chatting may occur.

The same goes for email. Close your email client and delete work emails from the phone.

Some people likeconventional. I have worked in teams that are expected to spend some time, but as a very independent person, I really don't like this. I like to work when I am most ready. But i know many peopleneedFix the time or they will get lost. You know yourself best, choose the one that suits you.

what is it aboutSocial interaction? Have a hobby. I participate in some sports, and I also hike with my friends. In addition, sometimes I meet some non-technical friends, which is a great review. But due to my personality type, I can spend a few days without much social interaction with people. Keep a dog. This is a great way to chat with people casually. Still a new friendship. Some people like to go to parties or meetings. I do not. Twitter and YouTube provide me with professional networks from which I can learn without having to move to the city.

Looking for sports. It’s really important. As mentioned earlier, it also helps social interaction. If you sit all day, you have to get up at some point,Do something.

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