Why create an email list?

95 out of 100 people will never return to your blog. They just found it by accident. Give them a reason to keep in touch.

In the previous experiment article, I talked aboutSEO for blog programmingAnd how organic traffic can be a great way to get people to read what you want to say.

With all these visitors from search engines, what are you going to do?

First, forget about advertising. It doesn't work, especially when you target developers. I am mainly talking about PPC. Unless you are a CSS Tricks or other large site, you will make peanuts.

Working with developers is

  1. product
  2. Professional content

In any case, they should belong to you and not to other people/branches due to the margin. If you sell an e-book for $10, you will get ~$9 after commission. All this is an investment of time for you.

I decided to start with an e-book. People liked it, verified my idea, and then I wrote another one.

Then, I decided to create an online course. I have created 2 online courses in the past, but this is the story of another post.

Don't build your email listCall for actionJust "get my next post in your inbox". That works, but I found that the most effective way is to create something, bring some expectations for it, and ensure that your employees can provide them with more things (of course it can be done!)

For example, when I decided to create an online course on Vue.js, I drafted a timetable and knew that the course had 70 days to go online.

I immediately issued a call to action:

"I will study Vue full-time for 2 months. I will create a resource for you to learn quickly and provide tutorials and projects, work examples and screen recordings. I will send you the free content I created👨🏼‍💻, I will provide you with the latest courses and offer you great discounts when the courses are released. Keep the loop!"

Increase the number of registrations on my mailing list from 2-3 times a day to 10 times25 per day(I can not believe it).

I think that if you focus your blog on teaching, creating information products like books or courses is a perfect match, because people arrive at your site in a learning mode and they are ready to absorb everything you offer.

Another product may not match what you wrote. In this case, it is better to create a blog to discuss your experience in creating it, what you learned, record your journey, etc. But this is just a reminder, not a rule of any kind.

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