What is a database? There is also a DBMS?

The main attributes of the database and DBMS.

A kinddatabaseIs a collection ofinformationCarefully organized into a system.

The technology in the computer system allows usSort datawithRepresentative informationThis is essential for information systemsDatabase management system.

DBMS is a software that encapsulates database data. It provides us with a centralized way to store, retrieve, edit, persist the database, and so on.

Let us define some of the main attributes of the DBMS:

  • Efficient: The database needs to provide the best performance to store and retrieve data.
  • persistent: The data stored in the database is permanently stored. When the database software terminates or the computer restarts, the data (except for hardware failures) should still exist.
  • Privacy and security: The database allows us to store data privately and securely. It allows access to multiple users, and each user should only be able to access and edit allowed data. Some users may only be able to access the data, but not edit or delete the data.
  • Shared access: Multiple users need to have appropriate permissions to access shared data. Multiple applications can also access the same database.
  • big: The database can handle a large amount of data, and can use various advanced technologies to expand according to your needs. This does not mean that a database is only useful when you have a lot of data-due to the attributes listed above, a database is useful even with very few data entries.

There are many different DBMSs on the market. Some are similar to each other, some are completely different.

Relational database management system,EstablishedRelational model, Are some of the most common ones you can use in the real world.

I will soon detail three popular open source relational database management systems: PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite.

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