Should you use Vue or React?

Many people asked me to express my opinion on React vs Vue.js. This is my idea.

Created e-books and courses on bothVuewithreaction, And used them in many small projects, I think I can answer this question to help you decide if you can’t choose between the two.

So, this is my impression.

Both are great and fast

There is no difference in technical details, they do the same thing, and they both do very well.

Vue is for beginners

This is my impression.

One of the biggest selling points of React trying to catch up with Vue.js is that Vue is very approachable for newbies. On the other hand, React's target audience is slightly different, and this is reflected in its documentation.

React requires quite a bit of modern JavaScript knowledge that Vue doesn't need.

JSX is more difficult to "obtain" than a template language. On the other hand, Vue is similar to Angular, which makes it easier to migrate from Angular.

Vue is more like a complete package, React has many libraries to choose from

The main requirements (such as routing or state management) have official packages in Vue, and React allows libraries to freely fight for the most popular options. This may be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your perspective on the subject.

I think it's very convenient to have an official package that meets common needs, especially when it means everything is kept in sync and changes to the overall system are considered as a whole.

React has a larger user base and job opportunities

React has a huge market share. I will not mention any polls or research, because the latest information can be easily searched on Google.

Vue is also growing, but if you want to specialize in a technology to find a job or get more freelance opportunities, React is undoubtedly a bigger pond. Of course, there are more developers in this pond, and maybe the less popular Vue will have more opportunities because there are fewer developers. Hard to say.

Vue is independent, React is run by Facebook

what's the difference? I sometimes see things like "XXXXX React components on Facebook and..." or "bla, bla..." in the React release notes (or elsewhere). React is a by-product of Facebook engineers. It is not a standalone product, and it will never be. If there is a special need to add or change React on Facebook, it will be introduced. This also means that sometimes changes need to be made, and you should keep up with the rapid pace of development, otherwise you will be "lagged behind."

This sounds good, but the problem is that 99.9% of people don’t have Facebook’s needs. Far from reaching that scale.

On the other hand, Vue runs independently without the support of a single company. I think this is a better way to run open source projects that serve the developer community. The roadmap prioritizes the needs of the community rather than the needs of the parent company.

This is my opinion on this topic. I have no inside information or first-hand information on how these projects actually work.

So, which one should I choose?

Up to you🙂

You need to think about it, balance your own pros and cons, and determine which suits your needs.

Maybe you can also choose a less popular alternative framework.

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