How do I automatically share old blog posts on Twitter

There is a lot of evergreen content on my blog. This tutorial shows how I can automatically reuse this type of content on Twitter

I often post evergreen content on my blog. Evergreen does not mean news or latest events. Its content is only valid today, but if I take the time to keep it up-to-date, it will take effect one year from now (or even five years from now). Information has become obsolete.

Every time I write a new blog post, I will share it on Twitter, if one of my few excellent followers (👋) does not see it, they may never see it again I think it’s not helpful to me (because I spent a lot of time writing this blog post), and it’s a kind of harm to people who might learn new knowledge from this article.

Sometimes I occasionally share an old post, but this is a manual process. I must remember to do this, and I must also keep track of what has been shared to avoid reposting the same content.

So I want to create a little automation for this problem toI post 2 old posts every day when I sleep.

I know there are some services that allow you to do this, but-hey-we are developers and developers can build their own tools 😄


I want to make an application that looks for posts to be reused from a list. When I call a specific URL, it will share a random post and always select a post that has not been shared recently.

The application will be based on Node.js hosted on the following nodes.glitch. I regularly use Glitch as a code snippet in the tutorial, which is great!

Not only can you create a small demo, but you can also create a full-featured Node.js application, which can fully meet my needs, even if the application is closed after being idle for a few hours, the HTTP request wakes it up.

The only remaining challenge is to determine where to host the data. I want an easy-to-access service that does not require complicated permissions and authorization settings, so I chose Airtable.

Host data on Airtable

Airtable is a hybrid between spreadsheets and databases. You can easily add data, or you can easily export data through API.

I made oneSimple foundationHosting the posts table: