How can I use text extensions to save time

Optimize common email or other communication tasks

Before going to bed at 10 o'clock in the evening, I replied to the most important email in my inbox.

I slept continuously for 8 hours (this is the shortest time for me to work properly) and woke up 67 new emails.

I am launching mineJavaScript full stack BootcampThis is part of the fun of publishing. I have received many emails from people asking about students who want to join the student program and registration notices.

Some of these emails want to get the same exact answer as the basic email, and they need to be personalized. For example, every time I distribute student or purchasing power parity discounts, I have a lot to write about.

Therefore, I set up a way to make this process faster without losing the personal style I wanted. By answering common requests that take a lot of time faster, I can dedicate more time to answering fewer common requests.

There are many applications that can do this, but I have already installed an application, so I used it.

This is an application called macOSsprint. It can help our developers find code documentation quickly, even in its free version.

You can download all used documents:

You can then search for what you need without having to use Google all the time:

This application has a feature calledSnippet. You need to enable it in the settings:

Then you will seeNew snippetOptions in the file menu:

We went:

Now you can write some text in the main part of the window and add the required abbreviations. I start my tick marks with a backtick to make sure I don’t accidentally trigger them, but you can use anything you want:

Now, I can open any application and say hello after typing the backtick to automatically convert it toHello!.

This is very useful if the text is long.

One thing you can have is a placeholder.

Click the button on the far right and select "Placeholder"

You will see it added to the text:

Now, when I enter the code snippet abbreviation, a window pops up to let me enter the required value:

You can have multiple placeholders, and you can also use other options to add the contents of the clipboard, the date, and place the cursor at the desired position... very convenient.

It is mainly used for code snippets, but I find it also very useful for this option.

Once there are many code snippets, you will want to set up a search profile, so you can search only the code snippets instead of also searching all the installed documentation sets to find them more easily.

Otherwise, by default, the search will be available everywhere and you may not be able to find your excerpt quickly:

More experimental tutorials: