How to start freelancing as a developer

I ran into a problem on Twitter: "I want to be a freelancer and work for myself, because this is something I have wanted to do for a long time, but I have never had the courage or hard work to do it. For wanting to go this way People on the road, what advice can you give? You now want to know what you knew from the beginning?"

This is a big topic.

I think freelancing is the ultimate freedom.

I have never been hired by a company. Since the beginning of 2008, I have been a freelancer and contractor, and then gradually transferred to my own small software product business, and then back to the contract system, and then gradually ended this activity. When my own projects started to become my income.

If you are currently working, the best way to become a freelancer is to ask your employer to pay you the contractor's fees. Or a past employer, if it is owned by you and you have a good relationship with it. Still a colleague in the past.

One way to start is to find freelance job opportunities in those well-known large markets.

Much depends on where you live, because the freelance market may be good in countries where the cost of living is lower, but it is bad for other countries.

Whether it is or not, this is a good choice.

The ideal approach is to find local companies through local events, through friends or just plain emails or phone calls, and ask them if they can use some help, even if you are just starting out.

Companies like to use contractors because they can save a lot of money and fire you at will, but this is also your strength-you can leave at any time.

I personally think that the best alternative is to provide productized services. Fiverr is a good website. You choose a market segment, define your precise service, and then let people "choose you" instead of trying to find customers.

Choosing a niche market is the key. Freelancing is one of those activities with great professional advantages. Being the number one expert in your field can bring higher salaries and more opportunities.

Sometimes, those small one-off services may lead to larger contracts or ongoing cooperation.

If you lack confidence, it is normal. from childhood. what can you do? Can you view technical blog posts? Can you take care of Gatsby or Hugo blogs? Can you redesign it? You don't need to start building mobile apps or large React websites.

If that is your specialty, then of course you can. However, don't be fooled by yourself thinking that you are not good enough, and then start again.

You can start with a low price, if this will make you more comfortable, but also remember not to introduce yourself as a cheap alternative, thereby reducing the quality of their service. Make appropriate charges quickly, because this will find you better customers, reduce stress, you will work on more interesting projects, and it will get better anyway.

If this is not your focus, don’t be afraid to fire your client and refuse to work. Learn to say no.

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