Safari, warning before exit

How to use simple tricks to avoid closing Safari by mistake

I am the browser hopper.

I use the browser too much time every day, and sometimes I just need to change the browser to try out some new features.

Today is Safari's turn.

I like Safari very much. It is light, concise, and very fast.

However, when opening a new tab with cmd-W, I accidentally pressed cmd-Q and quit the browser.

When trying to close them, Chrome and Firefox provide a nice, optional confirmation dialog:

Safari does not.

Therefore, I remapped cmd-Q to cmd-option-Q.

This is how I do it: Open "System Preferences" and click "Keyboard":

Click the shortcut, and then click the application shortcut:

To add a new shortcut, select Safari and call the menu title "Exit Safari", then add a new shortcut:

There is:

Since it has the same title as the existing Quit Safari menu, the shortcut will now be changed:

No more unexpected exits.

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