Remote work for software developers

Does remote work make you a more effective developer? Happier developers? How can you improve?

Remote work is one of the greatest benefits you can get as a software developer.

I have been working remotely for the past ten years, and I know many other remote workers. I can accurately describe the advantages and disadvantages of remote work and provide you with some tips.

I know that not everyone likes remote work, and remote work is definitely not everyone's favorite. This is great for me, because as an introvert, working with others is very energy-consuming and tiring, especially in software engineering, where you already need to spend a lot of energy and need to be super focused. . Maybe you too.

Does remote work make you a more productive developer? This is a very good question. My advice isYes it is, But as opinions develop, everyone has their own opinions and YMMV (your mileage may vary).


Becoming a remote developer can bring you many benefits.

home work

You can work from home. What could be better than this?

When you are hungry, you just need to go to the kitchen to bake bread. When you want coffee, you just need to brew the coffee and pour it out.

You are not locked in a cage. You can also go to the coffee shop for coffee, listen to the podcasts of your favorite developers, or read through all the articles saved on Pocket.

youwere ableWork from home because you may not want to do it. Maybe there are other people in your house. If you don't have a clear and independent working space to solve the problem, it will be a problem.

Manage your time

Need to be suspended? Take the dog, turn off the computer, and then go for a walk. That is one of the best benefits of working remotely.

Someone who will turn around and bite you, so remember-you are a professional who manages your time professionally.

Work when productivity is higher

Feeling unproductive? No need to emphasize or "fake" it. Just spend an unproductive afternoon. Read something without letting the boss yell. You will work later or tomorrow to make up for the lost time today.

If you feel that evening work is best for your productivity, then do it. You can take a nap in the noon and wake up your super energy to deal with this new feature.

Break 9 to 5

9 to 5 is a convention that originated in the industrial age and was imposed on us. No one will maintain productivity for 8 hours in a row. You'd better work 3 hours in the morning, take a break, do 2 very focused hours in the afternoon, and then catch up or learn new things, which is even better.

People don’t actually work 8 hours in a 9-5 job. You show up, have a cup of coffee, work a little, chat, do some work, have a cup of coffee in time, then work a little, then have a meeting, then plan, then lunch, and then slowly catch up to the afternoon, work a little, it’s time to go . Maybe you work 4 hours on a good day. I have always felt that working remotely is more efficient, which is why I like it. I work hard, cut all the nonsense, and return to my life. In the office, I feel obligated to stay there even if I am mentally, and I cannot do any meaningful work. To some extent, due to my introverted personality, being with others will make me sluggish, which is very common.

Connect with the people you want

You don’t need to socialize with colleagues. I used to work in an environment where I really didn't like people working with me, but there was no way to overcome this situation. It only took a month, so I smoked it, but it didn't last longer. For remote work, you can choose how much work you want to participate in with your colleagues, work and interact with their work.

You can live anywhere

You can live anywhere, I mean anywhere. If your company is going to retreat, all you need to do is to be at a reasonable time from the airport, but maybe you can also escape life in remote areas of Alaska and have 2-3 days of snowmobiles to the airport.

Note: The company may hire in certain countries. They cannot be hired from anywhere. They cancontractIt’s okay from almost anywhere, but that’s another matter, so please pay attention before moving to that shiny island

Technically, you can work in Antarctica, although I'm not sure if you can live in Antarctica as a resident.

This means that anywhere else on the planet will do.As long as you have a good and reliable internet connection.

This is essential.

I work in a van in a remote area, where 4G phones are better than home.

The Internet allows you to work remotely, and it should be powerful enough and fast to do what you are supposed to do.

You don't have to live in the city

As office work and factories require local labor, humans have concentrated themselves in cities over time.

Some people who live in cities don't even consider living away from the city, but someone born in a rural area either wants to move into the city or stay as far away from the city as possible.

I know that because I was born in a rural area, I moved to a big city to study computer engineering. I only have 1 hour commute by train, but I live in the city all week and come home on weekends.

After graduating from university, I never looked back. I returned to my hometown, founded a company, and started signing contracts with companies all over the world through the Internet.

I know that many people have completed college but never returned to their homes. They like their life in the city.

Many people in my circle work in cities. If they like the "digital nomad" lifestyle, they also like to jump from one city to another.

I like rural areas, and I also like to live in the mountains/nearby. I do a lot of Nordic skiing in winter, and I can easily go skiing twice a week or more with 1 hour walking from the slopes. In summer, I can avoid the heat.

I want to emphasize that you can work anywhere, whether it is a big city, a small city, a small town or a remote area of Lapland. I know that people also work on ships in the ocean.

Casual wear

You can wear whatever you want and work comfortably (more in the tips)

Eat whatever you want

You are at home or where you want! You have better choices to choose the right meal for you, without being bound by what you can eat near the office.

You can eat better quality food, and I often eat the food I grew up in the garden, especially in summer. That would make a big difference between the nutrients you get and the bad foods you can't eat, but that's another matter.

Proper sleep

You can take a nap at noon in the afternoon. Did you feel sleepy after lunch? Go to bed and wake up super energetically, instead of spending time doing meaningless things, just to get through the difficulties and emphasize your inefficiency in your work.

When you "like", you can go to bed. If you want to work at night, be sure to work at night.

My schedule is more inclined to get up early, such as starting work at 6 in the morning. It feels so cool to have completed a lot of work at 8 in the morning. I think I only do a few things the rest of the day-much better than starting work at 9.30 in the morning, where I was almost there at noon.

Easier access to "zones"

what isarea? Even if you don't know what it is, you will definitely encounter it.

At that time, what you were doing was so focused that everything else disappeared, the passage of time was unknown, and at some point, you realized that it was dark and you missed dinner time.

That is the area. This is where developers are most effective, where you write the best code, things come to your mind without having to desire them.

At the time of writing this article, I am in the zone. This is the only way I can come up with 2000 words in a few hours and then put them in the right place, have the right meaning and not get bored (I hope so).

Sometimes I sit down and immediately realize that I cannot do a good job because it is impossible to enter the area.

In the office, this means colleagues coming and going, meetings, people chatting, drinking fountains and more distractions. This may also mean that you have to use a computer with an operating system that you don’t like or that is too slow.

At home, it is easy to eliminate this interference. Turn off the slack function, disable notifications, turn off the email client, and you can concentrate on your work.

Remind you: At home, there are other problems, such as other people at home, or it is easier to be distracted. More on this in the prompt later.


Remote work is not fun all day long. There are also disadvantages, and you need to be aware of them.

People may think you have nothing to do

Exchange, exchange, exchange. As developers, sometimes our work is easy, because our submissions, comments, and pull requests are speaking for us.

But what about that annoying bug that took 4 hours to discover is a typo? If you are in Bali, people might think that you spend the entire afternoon on the beach. This is why communication is very important, and the team uses all these tools to exchange information.

The mistake is to communicate too much, not too much.

No colleague circle

Of course, without a real connection, you will not develop a sense of community like when you work with other people. That is impossible.

Google Hangouts, Slack and all these tools cannot replace the way of meeting and talking with people in real life. Most companies that work remotely offer a week-long retreat where you can go to work and have fun with colleagues.

These events help build a lot of trust, and they can also be interesting, but you need to create a circle outside of your work based on other interests and even your own circle of programmers.

I think this is the purpose of the programmer conference: you can meet other people with the same interests. Another example is that independent hackers or digital nomads get together to discuss and get to know each other.

In some environments, there are fewer career development opportunities

If the company you work for is 100% remote and does not have an office, then this is not a problem.

However, if the company has an office and there are several remote employees, then remoteness may mean that you are not having some kind of conversation.

People think that you have less chance of career development (moving to a higher position), which may be correct if not everyone is working remotely.

It may not be correct in every situation, but I have been reading about it. In some contractor positions, I am the only remote worker, and I certainly feel embarrassed. Some conversations take place elsewhere, and people forget to provide complete context (understandable).

Tips for effective remote work

  • Dress well: Don't stay in pajamas all day. The way you dress makes your mind clearly visible. When I work with the latest jeans (my most elegant clothes LOL), I feel more serious. I don't know the science behind it, but it is true (at least for me).
  • Own office: Please be sure to try to find a room in your house where you can call the office or studio. Bring the door. Nothing but work. This is your commute. When you enter there, it is the office, and you work there. When you finish your day's work, please close the door and do not open it again.
  • Close the office door: If there are other people in the house, please close the office door when focusing. This clearly shows that you are working and tells them that when they see the door closed, there is no reason to open the door. Please don't open the door when you are unable to concentrate.
  • Wake up before everyone else: I want to wake up at 6 in the morning. Nothing happened in the room, and I realized that I had tried my best. When my SO woke up, at 8 o'clock in the morning, I had already done a lot of work.
  • Stop distractions: As long as I try to stay focused, I can click on newspapers that contain interesting news with one click. HN Reddit, please name: youneedForcibly block them. I use a file called SelfControl (, there are many similar functions, also applicable to mobile phones.
  • Have ritual: When I start working, I enter a dedicated space, put on my headphones, and start my favorite music or more active (silent!) electronic music in the morning. That is my setting, and it tells the "start time". When I finish work, I just go to the garden to do some sports activities, or walk the dog. This marks the "close" of the body and mind

If you have a team:

  • Chat with colleagues: Always talk about work bad for long-term productivity. Small talk, asking people what they did on Monday weekends is always a good way to build relationships, and simple acts of being interested in others are also very friendly. Don’t let the conversation always revolve around the theme of the company
  • Cut off slack: In other words, know when to close Slack or any other means of communication (e.g. email) and focus on your work. Just reading other people's conversations can waste a lot of time.
  • Weekly Hangout Video Chat: A quick 15-minute video chat (depending on the size of the team) is a good way to end the week. Everyone said what they did and told them about their plans to come back on Monday.

The best advice for working remotely is:There is a dog(Or any pet you like). I doubled down on this little trick, I have two dogs. They need regular exercise and daily walks, so they will force you to leave the screen and go out, running, and getting dirty. Even when it rains or snows.

If you already have a pet, that would be a good remote work benefit: you can take your pet to work every day!

They are also great companies at work. They slept under the table, and I never felt lonely with them.

It has been proven that animals can reduce stress levels and provide better work-life balance. I find that it is beneficial to have to get up from the chair to open the door, drink water, entertain or take a walk every time. Help you stay away from your desk, find out the cause of any problems, or just get a clearer understanding of your work.

You may realize that you got your best idea in the shower, where your mind is healed: the same thing happens when walking a dog.

Where to find remote work

In many places, the place where the company is hired can publish its job advertisements remotely.

The three most popular are:

Remote work is difficult to start. If you have never worked remotely, a company may hesitate because you don’t yet know how it feels to work remotely. If you like it or quit because it’s not suitable for you, the company may hesitate.

This is why many jobs require some remote work experience.

This is common in many industries. When I was 16, it was difficult for me to find a summer dishwasher in a restaurant because I had never been a dishwasher before.

So, if no one will hire someone who has never worked remotely, how can you really start working remotely?

People recommend working at a local company and then gradually asking to work at home for 1 or 2 days. In this way, you can prove experience.

Another way is through freelancing. If you’ve ever been a freelancer, it’salwaysRemote, so you can also think of it as experience.

But things are not set in stone. Even if you have no experience, you can apply for remote work.

Good remote work will attract a large number of job seekers. In a remote job application, the opportunity is much lower than when working at a local company, because it is now competing with developers around the world, rather than with developers living in the region.

In other words, there is a remote job waiting for your application somewhere. You just have to try!

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