Introduction to Redis

RedisIt is an excellent open source software that can meet various needs in web applications.

What is Redis?

it's aNoSQL database,especiallyKey/value store. It can be used with any programming language because it is not a JavaScript specific technology-it is written in C.

We can store values and associate them to keys, and then retrieve them.

One of its characteristics ishigh performance. High performance is one of its main characteristics:In memorydatabase. Data is saved, stored and accessed in memory instead of being written to the database.

Most databases store data on disk, and they are optimized by keeping a cache set in memory.

Redis does the opposite: it keeps data in memory.

By default, Redis saves a snapshot of the stored data set to disk, and you can configure details about how to proceed and how to store the data.

The flexibility of Redis makes it one of my favorite tools. You have a lot of freedom in storing and managing data storage, and you can use it in many different ways according to your needs.

This is also because it is a NoSQL database, which means it is very flexible compared to PostgreSQL or other SQL-based and schema-based databases.

It is usually used as a cache storage mechanism and also as a message broker, which is a way to communicate between different processes and applications.

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