How to fix `dangerouslySetInnerHTML` does not match the error in React

Find out how I resolve the error"dangerouslySetInnerHTMLDoes not match" in the React application

I am trying to print the HTML contained in the props using the following methoddangerouslySetInnerHTML, Although I encountered this error in the browser console:

Warning: Prop `dangerouslySetInnerHTML` did not match.

This was a Next.js project, but the solution applies to any React code.

The string I was trying to print appeared for a while, and then disappeared. Quite strange!

It was even stranger when I tried to print a fixed HTML string, like this:

    __html: '<p>test</p>'

The error message is cryptic but after a while, I realized I could not set a p tag inside another p tag.

Switching to:

    __html: '<p>test</p>'

worked like a charm.

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