How to connect to Raspberry Pi with Mac

Step by step guide to connect to Raspberry Pi using Rapbian via VNC

I recently got a Raspberry Pi for testing and built some ideas I have.

I installed Raspbian, which is a Linux version of Debian developed specifically for Raspberry Pi.

Then I connected the Raspberry Pi to the TV using the HDMI cable, and then connected the USB mouse and USB keyboard to install the operating system and make all the "connections".

Then, I set up a VNC server on the Pi to be able to connect to it from the Mac. I really don't want to fix it on the TV all the time.

So I clicked on the menu and went toPreferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration:

The Raspberry Pi Preferences

Then I pressedinterfacelabel:

Interfaces tab

I enabledVNCOptions:

The VNC option in the interfaces tab

After doing this, I pressed "OK" and the "VNC" icon appeared in the toolbar.

In the screenshot above, it already exists, but this is because I created them after enabling VNC.

Clicking on the icon will display the "VNC Server" panel, which displays Pi's IP address.

Connected to the Raspberry Pi

Using a Mac, I downloaded the VNC viewer from the following location I entered Pi's IP address.

I entered the username (pi) and the password for that username, and then I can start using it, and the contents of the Pi desktop are displayed in a beautiful window!

My only problem issound. VNC does not support this feature, so I connected the stereo to the Pi audio jack to hear if I had something to say.

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