Record the PHP code correctly

Warning: This post is outdated and may not reflect the current state of the art

Documentation is the key to any successful project. This is a quick introduction to what you should record and how to record.


From each class

 * Class description
 * @author  Your organization or personal name
 * @license MIT (or other licence)


Document every property with

 * Property brief description
 * @var type


Document every method with

 * Method brief description
 * Method longer description and help

If you method accepts parameters, add them

 * @param  type $param1 The param1 description
 * @param  type $param2 The param2 description

If your method returns something, describe the return value

 * @return $this

If your method throws an exception, describe the exception

 * @throws \Exception


Code inside methods needs to be documented if needed.

Dot not document what the code is doing, document what the code should do.