How to install Node.js

How to install Node.js on the system: package manager, official website installer or nvm

Node.js can be installed in different ways.

Let me tell you the most ordinary and convenient person.

The official software packages for all major platforms are available at:

Here you can choose to download the LTS version (LTS stands for long-term support) or the latest available version. As always, the latest version contains the latest goodies.

On the site, they have packages for Windows, Linux and macOS.

A very convenient way to install Node.js is through the package manager. In this case, each operating system has its own.

On macOS,House wineIt is the de facto standard, and-after installation-Node.js can be installed very easily by running the following command in the CLI:

brew install node

Other package managers for Linux and Windows are listed in

nvmIt is a popular way to run Node. For example, it allows you to easily switch Node versions, and install a new version to try and roll back easily (in case of failure).

It is also very useful to test the code with the old Node version.

Look information about this option.

My suggestion is, if you are just starting and have not used Homebrew, please use the official installer, otherwise, Homebrew is my favorite solution because I can easily update the node by runningbrew upgrade node.

In any case, after installing Node, you will be able to accessnodeExecutable programs on the command line.

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