Next.js vs Gatsby vs create-react-app

Next.js or Gatsby? Why choose them instead of create-react-app? Which one?

create-react-appCan't help you easily generate server-side rendered applications. All the content (SEO, speed...) that comes with it is only made up of things likeNext.jswithGatsby.

When is Next.js better than Gatsby?

They can all helpServer-side rendering, But there are 2 different ways.

The end result of using Gatsby is a static site generator without a server. You build the site, and then statically deploy the results of the build process on Netlify or another static hosting site.

Next.js provides a back-end, the server-side can render the response to the request, allowing you to create a dynamic website, which means you deploy it on a platform that can run Node.js.

Next.jswere ableA static website will also be generated, but I will not say that this is its main use case.

If my goal is to build a static site, then it will be difficult for me to choose. Maybe Gatsby has a better plugin ecosystem, which includes many plugins for blogs.

Gatsby is also largely based onGraphQL, It depends on your opinion and needs, you may really like it or not.

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