How do I decide to create a new project management application

In the past few years, I have built dozens of applications. Most of them are for iOS, some for Mac, and some for the Web. Looking back on the past, most people have low ambitions, but some have great ambitions and may exceed my imagination. But they did not. As time passed, I gave up all of this.

Some of these applications can "survive" on their own, but the software eventually expires like a fruit. If you do not continue to update it to match the operating system UI and continue to update it, the software will freeze.

In the past few years, I have focused 100% of my energy on training developers to create web applications, and this is where I personally get great satisfaction.

This is where I plan to concentrate all my energy in the future: becoming a computer programming teacher and organizing myJavaScript full stack BootcampPer year. In the near future, and in the long run.

But I recently started to develop a new application.

They say "Never start with ideas, start with problems."

This is the situation: I am working on many different projects at the same time, and I want a good way to manage them.

In the journey of exploring electronic components, what is my next step? What was the last thing I did?

Why did I stop working on that wooden table project? Oh yes, I need to go to the store which is 1 hour drive away.

What must I purchase to complete the new battery upgrade on the van? Ah yes, I have it in the Amazon shopping cart.

Where am I in the process of refactoring the JavaScript bootcamp?

I couldn't find a good project management application that could help me, so I used many different tools, such as whiteboard, paper, and Notes, Things, WorkFlowy and MindNode on the computer.

These applications can run well, but they can't completely solve my problem. I can use them to solve my problems,

Therefore, I started to study what people usually use for project management. Oh i meanProjectmanagement. Manage all my projects at the same time.

I'm everywhere on the Internet, I can only find TODO applications or team project management. Oh yes, I can use these tools myself, but all these tools assume that you are working on the project with the team.

why? If not all the features that the team cares about come to look at me and add to my already high cognitive burden, why can't I have a first-class experience?

I also asked on Twitter, but nothing happened. Then I gave up this concept for a few weeks.

A few days ago, I went back to this idea because I realized that I was working on multiple projects at the same time. I do it often. I can't complete a project from start to finish, I always continue to work on several projects. This is how I scroll.

At 11 o'clock one evening, I started drawing on paper. I am very bad at drawing, so the results will not be shown to you.

Then a few days later, at night (my best creative time), I opened the Balsamiq wireframe and started drawing some screens.

The app is great because it allows you to process concepts without getting lost in the tiny details. I like it.

After a while, I prepared 2 screens. Project list and project details page.

Nothing fancy, nothing groundbreaking.

There is no business plan. There is no business model canvas.

Speaking of this, I must say that I am an independent hacker. I like to read about the success stories of application developers who have achieved success in terms of users, product market adaptability, and profit.

Some of these stories are simply amazing, and I am especially grateful for the stories of single people creating something from scratch, and this event is now providing them with full-time income.

I am lucky that I earn a full-time income through online programming training courses, so I have no financial expectations for this application.

All my past attempts to create applications are attempts to create a business that can be my full-time income.

I think this is a key difference. Money creates an expectation that 99% of applications will never be satisfied.

After removing money from the equation, what is left?


I want to create this application not to sell it, not to make it rich, but to create a useful software. A beautiful software.

First of all, I will use things every day.

thenmaybeI can also release this application to the public to see if anyone likes it, but the main purpose is to build it for myself.

This is the basis of all my requirements. I don't care if other people need other features, because I just want to build an application that fits what I think.

If this makes the app compelling enough that someone will find it useful, it would be amazing.

But first, it must be the application of my dreams.

Any application I build and maintain must be an application I use every day.

That is my only way. I can't imagine seeing what I have seen in the past and developing applications that are useless to me. Not only useful,basic.

I think this kind of application is essential, just as essential to me are mind maps, simple to-do lists and calendars.

I want to use Notes for quick notes, MindNode and WorkFlowy for downloading ideas from thoughts, but when it comes to project management, I want to use my tools.

I use it every day to get a bird's eye view of all the projects I am actively working on, the projects that have been shelved, and the projects that have been completed or cancelled.

I will use it to decide which project I want to work on on a particular day. Unless there is some deadline, I am free to decide what to do.

I will use it to view the current status of the project, the next milestone and timeline so far and more.

When I ask myself "What have I done in the past few weeks?" I will use it to review my progress. This is very compelling to me because I have a poor memory and I tend to forget what I have done.

Look, I will use it for many things.

This makes it worthwhile to explore the following situations:

  1. I really want to do this, it's not a fashion that will disappear in a few days
  2. I am really willing to create and maintain it for many years

Let's see.

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