Use Mac and iOS devices to improve work efficiency

Use the productivity advantages of the Apple device ecosystem

I’m an Apple user, and somewhat a “fanboy”, since when I bought my first mac in 2004.

I still have a receipt somewhere.

I don’t even consider buying a mobile phone that is not an iPhone or a computer that is not a Mac.

One reason is the tight integration between tools and devices in the ecosystem.

If you don’t like it, you may miss the exquisite aspects that you can benefit from by "locking in" this Apple comfort zone every day.

In this article, I want to talk about some of them in particular.

first of allairdrop: As long as I open the AirDrop icon in the Finder and select the appropriate Mac or iOS device, I can move pictures, videos and other things from one Mac to another.

Another thing isUniversal clipboard. Continuity is enabled on both Mac and iOS devices. I can copy some text on the Mac and paste it into iOS, and vice versa.

A huge productivity saver.

the other isInstant hotspot setting and discovery. If I don’t have a WiFi network, I can find the iPhone in the WiFi network on my Mac, and then enable the hotspot-an instant network anywhere I want.

Another good option is to be able to use a Mac to take pictures with the iPhone. When I made the Arduino tutorial, it proved to be very convenient because I can take pictures on the electronic circuit with my phone.

You just need to right-click in the Finder, select "Import from iPhone" (or iPad) and take a photo. You can also scan documents.

More experimental tutorials: