I like books

I have a fairly extensive library of paper books.

Many of them are about programming. I would say 30%

I used to buy a lot of books about software development. I would take the train to the big city, to the big library, where I knew I could find good books (Linux was still sold as 4 sets of CDs at the time). Basically, books are the only way you can learn programming on your own budget.

A large part of my book is about self-improvement and personal growth. I am very enthusiastic about this topic.

Some books about business. Small businesses, as well as books about single-person operations, are mostly for. However, I also have a lot of shared books for startups.

Some books are collections of biographies or stories about interesting people or companies.

Some books are about how to write.

Some are related to marketing. I run a separate company, so I have to think a lot about marketing, which is vital to its existence.

Nearly zero novels.

Most of my books are written in English. This is how I learn English (I only started learning English when I was 14).

Some are books that everyone is talking about. Others are obscure books. I only bought second-hand books because they are out of print.

Some books can be used on the iPad or Kindle, but I really want to have a printed book.

I like to carry books with me. I want to see them. I want them to look at me. I want to be surrounded by them and remind me that I have a lot to learn and explore, and I don't have time to hang out.

I haven't finished reading all the books. But today I ordered a bunch of books.

7 new books. Personal business, personal financial freedom, thinking mode, brand building.

This time has nothing to do with programming, although I am about to prepare a batch of programming books. Programming books are due soon, and I think I already have those books that I think will be the backbone. But there is always something I miss.

One day, I will start a "book" section here, maybe to post my notes on my favorite book.

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