Linux, no space left on the device

I encountered some strange problems on the Linux Ubuntu server, so I logged into the server and looked for the Apache error log in the following location:/var/apache2/error.log.

Full ofNo space left on deviceerror.


"How is this possible?" That was my first thought.

I tried runningdfYes, the disk is 100% full.

In order to find the cause of this problem, I used to clear some space.

sudo apt-get clean

Then I installedncduUtilities:

sudo apt-get install ncdu

Then run from/, I found that a specific folder holds 90% of the data.

One of my backup scripts is to write database logs in it and then send them to another server, each script is 80MB. can imagine how all these gigabytes are filled.

It took a while to fill up, almost a year. However, it is true.

I deleted all these files, and voila, the Linux server is running normally again.

The ending of the story.

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