Linux command: uname

Quick startunameCommand to print detailed information about the current computer and the operating system running on it

callunameIf there are no options, the operating system code name will be returned:

ThismOption to display the hardware name (x86_64In this example) andpOption print processor architecture name (i386In this example):

ThissOption to print the operating system name.rPrint release,vPrint version:

ThisnOption to display node network name:

ThisaOption to print all available information:

On macOS, you can also usesw_versCommand to display more information about the macOS operating system. Note that this is different from the Darwin (kernel) version, which is19.6.0.

Darwin is the name of the macOS kernel. The kernel is the "core" of the operating system, and the entire operating system is called macOS. In Linux, Linux is the kernel and GNU/Linux will be the name of the operating system, although we all call it "Linux"

ThisunameThis command can be used in Linux, macOS, WSL and wherever you have a UNIX environment

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