Is JavaScript still worth learning?

Are JS developers still needed? Or is JavaScript becoming obsolete?

When I noticed that Google suggested some interesting questions in the "Others Asked" box, I searched Google for some JavaScript-related questions:

JavaScript still worth learning

Those caught my attention.

Clicking on the answer gave me a reassuring answer, which I expected without a doubt. But I also have my own thoughts on this topic, so I though "let me write"!

Let us figure it out:JavaScript is more active than ever.

JavaScript has never been more popular than it is now. And it has never been stronger than it is now.

When I started learning JS in the late 90s, most developers used it to rain heavily on the website during Christmas, display alerts and dialog boxes, and produced all kinds of strange effects. It's a bit interesting, but only professionals can use it to create something more complicated than polls or others.

When I studied JS seriously in 2012-2013, JS became more serious. Gmail, Google Maps, and other thick client applications show us everything JavaScript can provide. Node.js has just begun to become popular, but few people use it in production.

Today, many people use JavaScript as their first and only programming language. And they may not learn another language for many years, because I want to say that since JavaScript is the only language that can be used in a web browser, JavaScript isThe most popular and powerful language in the world.

If someone tells you what is different, maybe it is because their favorite programming language is not so popular and they hope that one day people will stop using JS and use the one they have invested a lot of money in :)

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