JavaScript empty merge

Introduction to JavaScript's new features: empty merge

A new JavaScript feature that will be widely used isEmpty mergeoperator??.

what is that????

Have you used||Set the default value, if the variable is null or undefined?

For example, like this:

const myColor = color || 'red'

Well, invalid merge will replace||over there:

const myColor = color ?? 'red'


Well, when used, there are various errors hidden under the surface||Provide a fallback value.

in short,||Treat the value as false.??Treat the value as a null value (hence the name).

this means||If the first operand is, then the second operand is calculatedundefined,null,false,0,NaNor''.

??On the other hand restrict this list to onlyundefinedwithnull.

Which might be more suitable for your use case!

Thisv8.devThere is a more detailed article about this operator on the blog, but your main point is here.

Currently available in Chrome Canary andTower of Babel!

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