What is imposter syndrome

What syndrome is this? do you have? How do you deal with the feeling of imposters?

Sooner or later everyone will suffer what we call "imposter syndrome".

You may have this feeling now, but you don't know it has a name.

Let me describe some situations where imposter syndrome may be found in the wild.

  1. You are a developer without a computer science degree, and you feel that someone with a CS degree knows better than you, and you should also get a talent to be called a developer
  2. You work on a project, so call it a small project, not a real project, because-you know-it's just a simple application
  3. You keep belittle yourself and lack confidence in your own abilities
  4. You think other developers know more than you.
  5. Do you think that one day someone will find that you are not worthy of your job because you cannot solve the coding interview quiz #423 on the random book
  6. Do you think you are not part of the "Coder Club"
  7. You want to start a blog, but you worry about other people’s opinions and even think you can’t add anything new to the table, so you don’t even start

I know these examples because some people email me these very specific questions.

Now, I sometimes think that the solution is to tell myself:

  • Everyone is flying
  • No one really knows what they are doing
  • People you admire like to show their overconfidence publicly, but behind the scenes they don’t
  • Things will always be like this

But this is still very self-deprecating.

The real response to all these thoughts is to realize how far you have come from the beginning.

Looking back.

One day, you don’t even know how to start your computer. What codeused to be. You don't know if you can actually create a program and make the computer perform the operations you want.

Look at you now.

You are the best version of yourself, but you can be sure that tomorrow you will become a better version.

You are improving. Just like your code.

But you know you are notperfectIn your craft, I think this feeling may never disappear. After all, programming is a huge field.

And we all know that that person is overconfident and will abandon others because they don't know the specific things they happen to know... Well, don't be that person.

Find your sweet spot.

I’m sure if you start to believe more,You are born for this.

The hardest part of resolving an error is identifying the error. The rest becomes easy.

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