The idea is nothing

Ideas are worthless. Execution plus ideas are everything.

Don't be afraid to talk about your ideas in public. I will tell you a fact:Your ideas are worthless. It's worthHow do you realize this idea. No one can steal this idea, because without your full background, the end result will be completely different.

The best opportunities usually come from peculiar ideas. Other times are opportunities to knock on the door.

At first, a successful idea seemed unlikely. You talk about it with friends, acquaintances or strangers. If most people think this is a good idea, maybe you should be worried. The reason is: if everyone thinks this is a good idea, it may be too late to bring it to the market, because it is saturated, because too many people are aware of it.

If you find different opinions, objections, questions, doubts or exasperation, you may be on the right path.

Having said that, be careful: the market must exist. Don't invent anything. However, deal with the existing market (is there a demand for what you want to do?). Bring your own perspective. The best business starts with the discovery of a loophole, a demand that is 100% dissatisfied with an existing offer.

Is there already a game? Ok! Don't enter the business to beat your competitors, but provide your customers with things that no one currently offers. Focus on customers.

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