How to learn React

Find the best path from zero to becoming a React Master

How do you learn React?

As with most things, you need to put in some effort to find a good learning resource that is consistent with your learning and put all the knowledge you learned into practice as soon as possible to strengthen your learning and do everything you want to do The things learn to stick to your head.

But where do you start?

In this article, I want to list some of the resources I created, which became a React master from scratch.

First, you need a good JavaScript foundation. If you are just getting started, take some time and delve into the basics of JavaScript before entering React. For this, I suggest that IJavaScript beginner's manual.

If your JavaScript is stable but a bit rusty, and does not meet the latest ECMAScript standard, then myFrom ES5 to ESNext HandbookWill also become a convenient companion.

Next, myResponse HandbookWill become your best friend. I have done a lot of work to make sure it provides you with all the basic knowledge you need to be a great React developer.

I think these resources will keep you busy for a while.

As I mentioned, practice is king. In the learning process, you must focus on building things every day, even simple things. Don't just read through the theory, but apply it. Build the sample application. My list is very longSample application tipsYou can draw inspiration from it.

I also ranReaction Course, I teach you how to use React to build 6 actual projects (including Hooks of course).

Download mine for freeResponse Handbook

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