How to exit Vim

Let me help you finally exit Vim!

Do you want to save your changes and exit? pressescKey and enter:wq, meaning iswCeremony andqIt.

Do you want to exit without saving changes? pressescKey and enter:q!

Don’t be sad, people who don’t know how to quit Vim are not alone, andIf you search Twitter, you will see a variety of memes and interesting tweets:

  • "How to generate a random string? Bring a first-year computer science student to Vim and ask them to save and exit."
  • "One is not just to quit Vim"
  • "No one knows how to quit Vim"
  • "I have been using Vim for a long time, mainly because I don't know how to log out"

It also looks like one (if not)The only one) The most popular question on Stack Overflow.

Don't get me wrong. I like Vim. I don't like it, it is just a tool. I usually useVS codeDo daily writing and coding, but sometimes use it.

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