8 good reasons to become a software developer

Why becoming a software engineer is a good plan for your future career

If you are a talented computer wizard over 7 years old, you will undoubtedly become an excellent software engineer. But if this is not the case, why should you be one of those people who type on the keyboard all day to enable the machine to do what you want?

I assume that you are willing to choose this career to make a living, not just for your own enjoyment.

Enjoying a career is another theme and must be carefully evaluated.

If you work hard instead of really caring about the computer, then software engineering will not be a good choice, because to be a good person, you need to spend countless times, countless times to perfect your craft, in order to keep up with the development of the industry pace. A huge amount of knowledge allows you to know every little detail needed to complete the job correctly.

Passion is a key factor for outstanding performance in any industry.

You will learn every day

Every day you will face new challenges. You are an engineer working on potentially very complex issues.

You need to know how to solve the problem, otherwise, you need to learn on the job.

You should be learning every day, which is great because you are not stuck in the job market, but have accumulated a lot of experience over time. It is valuable experience for your company, other companies (if you decide to change jobs), or for yourself (if you want to try independence).

Being asked to study every day can be frustrating or very exciting. It all depends on your mentality.

This is a very demanding profession

I don't know a good developer who has no work or nothing to do. Good developers have high demand. You may not find a job at a top or well-known company, but local companies are eager to find talent.

You can choose your own journey.

You can move to Silicon Valley and join a top company, get a high salary, and spend a good time with smart people to build the next big project.

You don't have to move to Silicon Valley to find a job, especially as a web developer, which is a career that is more open to remote work, especially as a web developer.

There is no shortage of opportunities in the foreseeable future. On the contrary, there may be more demand for developers in the future to develop new software or maintain existing software.

Ability to work remotely

Working remotely, even if you only work a few days a week, you can maintain a good work/life balance.

This is not allowed in all environments, but remote work is very suitable for software development.

If you are one of those developers who need to work 100% remotely, you can basically choose to live wherever you want and have a good Internet connection.

No need to waste time on commuting, no need to look for something delicious during the day, no need to leave at a specific time of the day due to office politics and rules, or-worse, wait until people decide to leave to avoid becoming the first A person who sends an "error message".

All you need is a good internet connection and a quiet place in the house (a dedicated room is strongly recommended) where you can sit there, do your best, and take time as needed. Maybe you like walking your dog at 11:00 AM. In some places, as long as you can complete the expected work, you can choose your own time.

Good salary and economic benefits

Software development is a job-usually depends on a high salary, depending on your responsibilities and your level of work.

As a remote employee, you can choose to work in a richer country and benefit from it. Of course, this largely depends on the options available to you.

If you choose to become a freelancer, then this is another area where companies are willing to spend a lot of money on talent.

However, you may get an average income in the first few jobs.

You can choose to do it independently

Suppose you have worked in a company for 10 years, and one day you are "crazy" and decide to resign because it is no longer satisfied with you. Or you are fired, or the company goes bankrupt.

Most majors need someone to hire you, but software development has a good thing called independent development. You can basically make things yourself and sell them to the world.

It can be SAAS (software as a service, also known as web application), mobile application, desktop application, or even an e-book on your most professional subject. You can use your years of experience to start a new business, or you can provide new experience to future employers.

This is a creative outlet

It is not painting or design, but programming is a very creative profession.

Whenever you start writing a program, you are creating something new, just like playing a Lego game when you were a kid.

Many times when you try technology, you find that this is not a good way, so you choose a different path. Every time you write a new program, you will learn something new.

Never be boring (unless your job is boring in the first place, but programming itself should not be boring-otherwise, you can always choose to find a boring job)

Coding is social

Even if a person may spend 10 hours a day sitting alone in front of a computer, it is perfectly correct to say that programming is social.

We use software developed by people, and people write manuals and guides for using the software. We rely on open source software and interact with people on forums to discuss and learn more about programming. Finally, we make this for people software.

You work with a team, which may be distributed in your office or locally in your office. You have stakeholders, and people are waiting for your fix.

Programmers like to attend conferences, the bravest even speak at conferences, and we like to make comments on Twitter, make comments or share things.

We star projects on GitHub, open issues, and submit pull requests to improve the work of others.

All of this is a social event, and the best part is that you can move forward at your own pace and socialize as you like.

it's up to you

Everyone has the same opportunity. We can use the most powerful servers and services in the world. Your phone is thousands of times more powerful than the computer NASA uses to send people to the moon.

Siberians can have the same hardware used by Silicon Valley people.

You can access millions of books online. All it takes is time, dedication and perseverance, and you will learn all the knowledge needed to complete any type of work.

The barriers are lowering every day. The situation 10 years ago was completely different, and you can imagine 10 years now.

You can make apps and sell them all over the world with very little time and upfront investment.

These are 8 random reasons. I'm sure there are many better reasons, and many reasons not to be a software developer.

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