Generate value

As a product business, anything you ship can create value

As an employee, if you are fired, you will have nothing.

As a freelancer, when you stop working, you will have nothing, except for some screenshots or video samples of your previous work, there is no value in your portfolio, which in itself has no value.

It is important to understand these concepts: if your employer or contractor no longer needs you, you will have to find another employer or buyer. Unless you start building your own product right away, this is an endless loop.

This is not a simple process. It may take months to manufacture the product and start selling. More importantly, it is necessary to create a system that promotes automated sales through proper marketing.

From the moment you own the products, they will always be your products. You are creating value and introducing new things to the world. You have created an asset. If you can do business around this asset, you can sell it.

Your product can create value for many years.

I currently have many products for sale, some of which have generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue over the years in a fully automated manner. The products completed within a few hours were successful because they solved a problem and I was able to find a suitable sales channel.

Obviously, not all products can be successful. In the past, I made some products. After months of intense effort, they were able to bring them to the market. After months of trial and error, I gave up on them.

This can happen to you toowillHappened to you. It is important to understand why this happens and avoid making the same mistake again in the future.

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