How to move from the tutorial to your own project

When should I start reading/watching tutorials and doing some work?

I ran into a question on Twitter: How to proceed with the project from the tutorial?

I think this is interesting because I believe that to really learn a technology, you need to build something with it.

Not only can you read the tutorial, but you can alsosomeOf course, tutorials are still essential.

No one is born without knowing how to use something, unless we are shown how to use it, or we dig into the documentation, or in extreme cases, we understand how the thing should work, this is that we can actually work with open source software Things (but easier said than done.

I learn new knowledge regularly every week. This is part of my job. This is also what I like to do.

Learning new things is my livelihood. Then, I will use this knowledge to create projects and software, or teach this technique to others.

However, it is a challenge to change from learning to use it to actually build a project.

There is no clearly visible boundary between the twoRead/watch X tutorialwithBuild the next Airbnb.

The tutorial will make you more advanced than at the beginning.

But at some point, you need to start a project to get to the next level:

There is a mystery between the "end tutorial phase" and the "start project phase".

By "project", I mean a sample web application to test your ideas, not necessarily a large or deterministic project.

You cannot reach the next level without doing a project.

The famous proverb "What makes you here will not make you there".

You have reached the point of diminishing returns. If you don't just stop reading the tutorial, you will start to forget what will apply, and you will need to go back to the reading tutorial anyway:

In any case, you will continue to return to the tutorial. But for specific needs, you will encounter them when you are working on a project.

You just need to have an idea about the project. If you haven't, please think about it. Or check my listSample application tips.

Isn’t it an easy task to follow the step-by-step instructions for IKEA furniture to build your own furniture from scratch? Oh yeah.

However, if you never start, then you will never reach your goal.

Take your time, then do it.

More experimental tutorials: