Product business freedom

Sole proprietorship product business can provide one of the highest levels of freedom

Small online businesses are 100% owned by individuals. There are no fixed costs, no warehouses, no employees, no offices, no obligation to be in a certain place at a certain time, no meetings, no conference calls. It is the best life in existence. This is the closest thing to freedom.

For example, by running an online business, you may decide to leave tomorrow for a month, and then go to remote Alaska or New Zealand to explore, and everything in the business is not closed. There is no need to send emails to customers to inform you of your trip, and no need to automatically reply "I'm out of the office" by email, because depending on the situation, the business can be 100% automated or under any circumstances can be carried out to your time. You can control the situation.

If you are a freelancer and have only one client, then you actually have a boss, and if you are a freelancer and have 5 clients, then you have 5 bosses.

However, if you sell digital products at the low-to-medium price of many products (for example, under $100), then you can control that none of these customers will think they will get your attention or call you when they need it. Call or request a meeting, because no one will think they have any rights in your time.

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