Everyone can learn programming

Just like everyone can learn the basics of mathematics. Or just like everyone can learn to drive a car or learn to use a smartphone

I believe that everyone can learn programming. As long as you put in proper effort, good training materials and good motivation, this is very feasible.

In addition, I think learning programming should be fun. Accounting is boring. But to program the computer? We can make them do some great things, so just thinking it's boring makes me laugh. That is one of the most interesting things in the modern world.

I use this method throughout the course. Let's learn to program JavaScript and make it fun!

I don't assume any specific background-everyone can learn to code, and you don't need to know how computers work internally to do this! After all, we can make great videos and take photos without knowing how the camera works internally, right?

By the way, I will also explain this.

Once upon a time, until 10 years ago, we were all strangers, spending all day in front of the monitor in the room. Nowadays, computers are almost everywhere in everyone's pockets in the entire world-we have conquered the entire world.

You may program from different angles. Maybe you are changing your career. Maybe you have always wanted to be a web developer, but life has taken you elsewhere. Maybe you are 15 years old and you can take over the world. Maybe you are 85 years old, but you want to create things just for entertainment, without making money, just for fun and the satisfaction of making things work. All of these are excellent and completely valid reasons to learn programming.

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