What to buy to start using Arduino and electronics

In my e-tutorial series, I did use a set of tools that I purchased after a while.

I can definitely provide you with some buying suggestions to help me start experimenting.

Arduino is an amazing project, and I strongly recommend that you purchase the original parts of Arduino to support the project and the entire ecosystem.

However, when you first start, you need to buy a lot of small parts that are purchased separately, which may cost a lot. You can find many kits that come with many things at once.

In particular, I recommend using a kit made by Elegoo, which you can find on Amazon for $53.99/45€ at the time of writing. CalledThe most complete starter kit for ELEGOO UNO R3 projects, with tutorials compatible with Arduino IDE (63 projects).

This is a box containing the Arduino Uno rev 3 clone board, as well as many commonly useful components, sensors and small parts:

It contains many things: breadboards, many wires, resistors, LEDs, batteries, shields, power modules, water level sensors, keyboards, LCD screens, buttons, joysticks, stepper motors, servo motors, infrared receivers and transmitters, relays , Ultrasonic sensors and so on.

Another very complete and inexpensive sensor (but seems to have fewer components and sensors) isELEGOO UNO project super starter kit with tutorial and UNO R3 compatible with Arduino IDE

I bought one of them for a friend of mine and it was so cool.

There are other similar kits, but please make sure the development board is Arduino Uno, this is the best place to start.

Then, I suggest you buy a multimeter. Any multimeter can work normally, you can buy it at your local tool store or anywhere on the Internet.

That's it. You need to try to use cheap toolkits first, and then try to modify electronic products, this is the limit.

You can get devices that communicate with WiFi and Bluetooth like the following devices:Arduino MKR Wifi 1010withArduino MKR GPS shieldFor example, use GPS.

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