Basic knowledge of electronics: Vcc, grounding,...

In all projects and explanations, I will use various terms to identify the same thing.

I especially want to mention-,0V, The negative pole of the battery, ground,GNDwithVss.

These all mean that the negative electrode of the battery is 0V.

On the other side of the spectrum, I mentioned+,Vcc,VddOr positive.

This refers to the positive terminal of the battery, and its exact value will vary depending on the battery or power source used:9V,3.3V,5V, and many more.

Why are there so many words? Different series of electronic components use different acronyms:

  • TTL(Transistor-transistor logic) component useVccwithGND.
  • CMOS(Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) Module UsageVddwithVss).

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