Electronic Basics: Short Circuit

In an electronic system, we can make different components perform different tasks and combine them to form aCircuit.

In a typical circuit, we have a voltage source, and our equipment also has some uses.

The voltage source can be a battery or an Arduino board that provides power.

Assuming the voltage is5V. We have a positive electrode and a negative electrode.

If we directly connect these two poles with wires, we will have oneShort circuit.

Short circuit is a very bad situation and one of the most common causes of circuit problems. In practice, we will take various preventive measures because it will seriously damage our equipment and components and make them unusable.

Even with a 1.5V battery, the amount of current flowing between the positive and negative electrodes can cause a fire (I don't recommend trying, but it is a cool ignition method when you forget the lighter in camping.).

Imagine what happens when you use a larger battery. If the battery is short-circuited, some batteries (including those used in mobile phones) will explode.

To make a long story short, avoid short circuits in any way possible and attract attention.

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