Electronic basics: latest

Electric current is the flow of electrons between two points with different voltages.

It ends withampere(A).

We have two currents: alternating current (Alternating current) And direct current (Direct current)

Anyone listenAC/DC?

In direct current (DC), current flows in one direction, which is the type of current produced by a battery.

In alternating current (AC), the current changes direction periodically. This is the current provided by the grid that we connect to in the house, and sockets are added to the walls in the house.

These two different types of current have very different characteristics, and they allow very different uses and applications.

For example, DC is not conducive to long-distance transmission of electric current. We use AC instead.

Most electronic equipment runs on direct current.

This is why we useRectifierAllows us to convert alternating current to direct current.

We can also use what is calledPower inverter, Such as often used on recreational vehicles.

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