Developers, learning marketing

Developers know that marketing has a strong skill set

Today's digital entrepreneurs must be marketers, they must know how to make products, and they must know how to put them on the market. A combination of rare, powerful and explosive skills.

All of this must be added to a part of the product, and depending on the category, the entrepreneur must also be a programmer, a writer, or have unique skills that distinguish him from others.

You also need to learn more about how to create a website, how to create a Facebook page, how to create an email sequence, details about setting up a campaign, and everything that can generally fall into the term "webmaster".

It is not necessary to let entrepreneurs know all of this, but if in a traditional company, there are different people responsible for the tasks I listed, then this is irrelevant to this article. This position involves creating a business without employees.

For any task, you can decide to hire an external expert as a contractor to complete the work instead of having to do it yourself.

However, this caused the following reflections:

  • This is distracting because you have to find trustworthy people with the right skills at an affordable price
  • You have to pay for their work
  • It becomes an endless tunnel. Technical problems will never end, you may have to rely on outsiders who do work you don’t know for a long time because you delegate too much initially and you don’t really understand how things work
  • Ask yourself what happens if the technical part you delegate suddenly loses your referrer
  • many of these jobs should be part of your core business, which only you can manage 100%

Usually, if you don't know how to do something, but you need to do something, you have to pay.

In the next chapter of this article, you will give a general overview of everything you need, and then start to learn more about it from there.

I was born as a programmer/webmaster, and over time, I have also become a necessary Internet marketer. If you have more soft skills, you can do the opposite. No need for good experts, there are many tools to make perfect websites and landing pages without touching any code.

But beware: you must understand, all the knowledge that you must know now and all the knowledge that is essential to the success of your business, lest your products and brand are seen as unmanaged, amateurish or unethical risks. Unattractive.

Either you do this, or you have to pay someone else to do this. Therefore, the decision is to invest time in learning technology or spend money to benefit industry professionals.

My advice is to learn everything you need, because the technology is constantly changing, but the concept is evergreen, and because you can't delegate other things to others as the foundation of your business. Even if you decide to delegate, you cannot delegate content that is too vague. If you understand the subject, you will know exactly what you need, what is redundant, or not at all.

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