Have you filled the developer’s bucket today?

Or, how to be enriched as a developer. And enable other developers to live a more fulfilling life.

Whenever you post a harsh comment about someone or someone on Reddit, the developer bucket leaks.

Whenever you post an issue on the repository in an attempt to push your agenda, while at the same time expressing meanness to those who spend a lot of time trying to do a good job on the project, there will be a developer leak.

Every time you post an average tweet and throw one library to another, the developer's bucket will leak.

Empty the bucket

Anyone who has ever published something on Reddit, Hacker News or any large website knows that there is a lot of fear involved in this process. Fear not good enough, fear of being judged by others. Even if your work is great, sometimes harsh comments will appear. Even a harsh comment can make dozens of positive comments disappear. I don't know what psychological theory can explain this experience, but this is how it feels.

A few days ago, I decided to post a link to one of my blog posts on Reddit. Some commented that the blog post I wrote after several days of drafting was carefully written and was simply rubbish. It was just a hook to attract people to buy my poorly written e-book.

This sentence kept echoing in my mind throughout the afternoon, not to inspire me to do better, but to make me angry.My bucket was emptied in 2 seconds and it took a whole day to fill it up again.

This person went on, but because of their actions, nothing good happened. For everyone involved, this is very useless.

One suggestion: especially for written words, more attention should be paid to how to interpret them at the receiving end. Be kind, even better than real life, because emotions will be dry when expressed in text form.

How to add a bucket

People can empty the bucket as soon as possible, and then fill the bucket again. Those times are really good.

I have been blogging for months when someone wrote to me. He said that a blog post I wrote was very helpful and helped him solve a problem. Then he continued: "You should write a book."

Now, as a blogger, this is really a refreshing thing. This means that your work has proven to be useful. Someone even wants you to write a book. Guess what, my bucket was so full of joy and motivation that I decided to start writing a book that night.

How we can do better

At the beginning of the day, our developer bucket is empty, and ideally, we want to fill it up when the day is finished.

Our bucket has leaked a lot, Because we think we are always one step behind others, so we sufferImposter syndrome, We can easily access code superstars, who publish information about the miracles they are building day and night, or organize YouTube screencasts every day, or live broadcasts, which is the most natural thing.

It is easy to feel that I am not good enough. However, if you are good enough to most people, then you don’t have to pay attention to the opinions of the few. You can't please everyone.

As a developer involved in coaching, I usually draft content for beginners. When people even give back through quick thanks or sharing tweets, it’s awesome.

I thinkWe are all in the same boat. Although some people try to impress others by expressing their strong opinions to the world, we must pay special attention when communicating with other people. This is especially true for developers, because we almost only use text for communication, and if you are not careful, it is easy to misunderstand the content of the sentence.

Focus on adding buckets

Have you ever expressed gratitude to the developers of the library, which saved you 10 hours of work on Twitter or via email? Do and thenFill up that person's bucket.

When you read a blog post that can help you solve certain problems, please take a moment to thank the person who wrote the post. Just a first-line message sent via email or Twitter can make that person have a good day and motivate them to write another article in the future because they are useful to the world. They helped you, so please help them!

Have you ever opened an issue on the GitHub project, just to say something nice and provideConstructive feedback? Do this and fill the responsibilities of project developers.

Since everyone is just asking for help to build their paid projects, developers are tired of their open source projects. There is an Issues tab (involving the work of the maintainer) and a Pull Requests tab on GitHub (there is more work, because the maintainer needs to understand the code written by others, figure out whether this is a good thing, and manage rejection if so).

But there is no "Thanks" label, where people can praise the project. People can only star an item, but it doesn't make much sense. Consider doing more for those who work very hard and help them keep busy.

do you havePublic thanksDeveloper of open source code?

Have you ever done PR just to solve a little problemYou noticed it in the library or even in its documentation, just to make sure that no one will see this failure again tomorrow? Do this and fill the responsibilities of project developers.

I am very glad that someone like you pointed out that a typo has been happening for several months. Others may have seen it and immediately reduced their awareness of the quality of the project.

It’s always harder to fill a bucket than to empty it, but I think it’s worth it.

We can go a long way together.

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