Information system, data and information

The modern world is completely centered on information and data. what's the difference?

The modern world completely revolves aroundinformation.

No matter how big or small, the company will generate a lot of value from the right situationInformation management, And many times this is their core business.

Without proper management of the information needed for their operations, most companies cannot exist.Information system.

What is an information system?

OneInformation systemIs what we use to collect, store, process and communicateinformationNeeded in the organization.

What is a computer information system?

A kindComputer information systemIs a subset of the information systemautomationUse computers for information management.

Inside the computer information system, information is stored asdata.

What is the difference between information and data?

dataIt is a single unit of knowledge. It has no intrinsic value in itself. If we don’t understand it, we cannot extract meaning from it.

informationIt is something we can link to data so that we can give it meaning.

Let me give an example. The number 36 isdata. Know that 36 is my ageinformation. The information that data represents my age is essential knowledge, which is the key to the information system.

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