CSS cascade

Understand the meaning and importance of CSS cascade

Cascade is the basic concept of CSS. After all, its name itself is the first C language of CSS-cascading style sheets-it must be an important thing.

What does it mean?

Cascading is the process or algorithm that determines the attributes applied to each element on the page..

Try to converge from the list of CSS rules defined everywhere.

Consider the following factors when doing so:

It is also responsible for resolving conflicts.

Two or more CSS rules competing for the same attribute need to be applied to the same element according to the CSS specification to determine which one needs to be applied.

Even if your page only loads one CSS file, the other CSS will become part of the process. We have browser (user agent) CSS. The browser comes with a set of default rules, which vary from browser to browser.

Then your CSS comes into play.

The browser will then apply any user style sheet, and browser extensions may also apply that style sheet.

All these rules will come into play when the page is rendered.

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