How to fix TypeError: Cannot assign property'exports' as read-only object'#'Error

When working on a project, this error sometimes appears:

TypeError: Cannot assign to read only property 'exports' of object '#<Object>' error

The error is generated by Webpack and it means you are trying to use CommonJS while you need to use ES modules!

Instead of using the CommonJS syntax:

const myfunction = () => {}
module.exports = myfunction

use this ES Modules syntax:

const myfunction = () => {}
export default myfunction

Then you can import an exported function or object like this:

import myfunction from './myfunction'

You can also export multiple functions or objects from a file:


const myfunction1 = () => {}
const myfunction1 = () => {}

export { myfunction1, myfunction2 }

Then you can import them as:

import { myfunction1, myfunction2 } from './myfunctions.js'

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