How to use uBlock Origin to stop interference

I learned how to use uBlock Origin to stop interference

As an owner, I am often distracted on the Internet.

Distraction is a pain.

I useself control, This is a nice app for Mac that can stop my distracting websites. Like Reddit and news sites. It is common for me to open a news website when I encounter an unsolvable problem or are doing meaningful work.

But sometimes I can't really block the entire website. For example, StackOverflow cannot be blocked. However, some of its UI does annoy me, such as network issues.

Sometimes those problems are really interesting for the lizard's brain. They are looking for the best way to distract you from what you should be doing.

I chose this random StackOverflow page, and when I read some JS, I was interrupted by some interesting questions, such as:

  • Why did the civilization of the Middle Ages make the newly discovered lands underdeveloped?
  • When a planet loses its atmosphere, where will it flow?

I didn't care about those topics before, but now I want to know the answer, just because I see the problem.

I just want to solve my problem, not let myself spread out more random problems from random sites in the StackExchange network.

There is a quick solution to solve this problem.

I useThe origin of uBlockAnd meJust found outHow to use it to block certain parts of the page with one click.

Click the uBlock Origin extension icon, click the selector icon to enter the element selector mode, and then select the part of the page that you want to hide permanently.

Then click the "Create" button:

And it will disappear. Reload the page and it still disappears.

This will reduce productivity until the next redesign or HTML class name change, and will not return to the original state.

This applies to any website, but in fact on some websites, it is not easy to make it work. The reason is the proliferation of automated CSS classes/logos. This method uses CSS to block certain parts of the page. I tried it on Twitter and choosing a block gave me:

I'm not sure, but some people will argue that this kind of garbage behavior is intentional. It changes every time it is rebuilt, so it is not possible to customize the page with this tool.

I sometimes can't completely block Twitter, and I want to block "Trends for you", "Who follows", "You may like", etc., so I can open Twitter without being attracted by Twitter. hashtag. But obviously I can't do this.

More experimental tutorials: